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Mayor’s Welcome Speech

Welcome to Szentes in the town of waters and sunshine.

Imre Szirbik mayor of Szentes

Imre Szirbik mayor of Szentes

The town’s life is determined by the underground and surface waters. The existence of Szentes is due to the nearby Tisza River. In the past centuries the surrounding waters’ flood-basins gave shelter to the town’s inhabitants throughout the storms of history. The rivers and channels nourished the area’s developing agriculture and the town’s horticultural fame is based upon the spa waters that burst out of the ground. The navvy of Szentes evolved during the regulation of the rivers. They got to many big building operations of the world where they learned and brought their experience and open-minded attitude back home.

This many coloured openness is still a characteristic feature of the town. It invigorates the town’s bustling economics, its diverse cultural, community and sports life. The 32 thermal wells of the town make Szentes a unique natural resource in Europe, which not only determines its economic life but functions as a base for those who seek relaxation, recovery or entertainment.

The orderly parks, swimming pools and sport fields offer excellent facilities for relaxing to young and elderly, and the magical effects of the town’s thermal spa, the silence of its museum and art gallery are all waiting to be discovered.

The town’s gates are open for the curious visitors and the open-minded and warm hearted people of Szentes are looking forward to meeting them with a warm welcome. Personal experience has more value than any pictures or words we can say.

In the hope of a personal meeting in our town as soon as possible:

Yours Sincerely,

Szirbik Imre
Mayor of Szentes