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Nagymágocs is a large village located between Szentes and Orosháza next to Mágocs Brook. The first recorded mention of it was in 1426, as Magoch, and its name probably originates from its first owners, the Szente-Mágocs family. After several changes in ownership, in 1722 it came into the hands of the Károlyi counts, who played a decisive role in the history of Nagymágocs. During the time of the Károlyi family, the town’s major buildings were constructed, and still stand today: the estate offices designed by Miklós Ybl, the auditor’s dwelling (today the residence of the Catholic parish priest) and the central granary. To aid in the establishment of Mágocs as a large village in 1872/73 a church was erected dedicated to Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. In 1896-97 Imre Károlyi had a palace with a magnificent park built, which is to this day considered the most beautiful jewel of the town. If serious investors could be found to develop the tourism potential of the 42 C° hot spring waters, the historic four-story granary and the Károly Palace that currently functions as a nursing home it would represent a great development boom.

Former Károlyi Palace and Palace Gardens Nagymágocs Palace Hostel
H-6622 Nagymágocs, Szentesi u. 2. • Tel.: +36-63/363-642, +36-70/215-2618
The palace may be visited through prior arrangement, and the park may be visited at any time.
Accommodations for 8 guests may be requested here as well.
Lodging is in 1 6-bed guestroom and 2 1-bed guestrooms.

Local History Museum (former estate offices)
1-I-6622 Nagymágocs, Szentesi út 11. • Tel.: +36-63/363-004
Open: April 15—October31, on Saturdays from 2-4 p.m., and may be visited on other days through prior arrangement.

Petőfi Sándor Cultural Center and Library
H-6622 Nagymágocs, Szentesi út 40. • Tel.: +36-63/363-004