Sport tourism project of the city of Szentes: SPORTTOURISM/HURO/1101/172/2.1.3

Development of the open-air thermal bath of Szentes.

Renovation of the open-air swimming pools

The renovation of the open-air swimming pools in the vacation resort of Szentes started in 2014 thanks to the tender called „SportTourism/HURO/1101/172/2.1.3”. The project is implemented under the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013 (, and is part financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, Hungary and Romania (ERDF aid granted: EUR 667,977.88).

By relying on the strengths of the border area, the programme aims to bring closer together the people, communities and economic operators living in the border area in order to improve the development of the cooperation area.


Thanks to this, the following technical contents – either visible or invisible for the guests – are renewed in the vacation resort of Szentes:

  • For many years it has been observable that the thermal water’s quantity of heat has not been consistent, and sometimes in the winter months there was a deficit. This will be remedied by the new thermal flow regulation. A new strategy was developed for the flow regulation of hot water in the territory of the vacation resort, and this strategy will be implemented thanks to the project.

  • The child pools receive completely new coatings which quality-wise correspond with today’s expectations, so the parents can be sure that their children are completely safe

  • The guests suggested that it would be a good idea if there were more showers, since taking a shower during heat waves is quite refreshing, furthermore, this way they could better contribute to the swimming pool hygiene. To satisfy this need, a new open-air showering complex will be built between the child pools and the thermal pool.

  • Probably the most spectacular investment of the project is the renovation of the old 50 meters long swimming pool. As a result of the long preparatory works, the pool will not only be renewed visually but on an engineering level as well. A new system will circulate the water in the 50 meters long pool.
    Following the removal of the pool’s old edges on the longitudinal sides, new edges were built – utilizing the so called Wiesbaden technology – that are made out of bent stainless steel. The renewed pool has become – like the other pools – a deck level pool, which means that the level of water is the same as the level of surrounding deck. In addition, the renovation will also provide a double layered waterproof coating for the surface of the pool. The entrance stairs and feet washers will be retiled and also a new pavement (2 meters wide) will be made around the pool. The handrails, ladders and rails will be made out of stainless steel pipe fittings and new starting stones will be placed at both ends of the pool.

    • Szentes Város Önkormányzata: 6600 Szentes, Kossuth tér 6. 
      Tel.: (+36) 63/510-300
    • Szentesi Üdülőközpont Nonprofit Kft.6600 Szentes, Csallány Gábor part 4.
      Tel.:  (+36) 63/400-123

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