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Fábiánsebestyéni Cserna-féle szélmalom

Fábiánsebestyéni Cserna-féle szélmalom

Fábiánsebestyén is a town in the northeastern part of Csongrád County to the east of the Tisza River near the border with Békés County. János Maróthy III Ban of Mačva, a supporter of King Sigismund, built a castle with a moat in 1435 for the protection of the inhabitants, and established a church in memory of the town’s two patron saints: Saint Fabian and Saint Sebastian. After the Maróthy line died out it became a family estate of the Hunyadis.

The church that still stands and functions in the village was built in 1932 in honor of Saint Elizabeth of the House of Árpád. The goal of the law XXIII of 1940 on the National Social and Family Protection Fund announced on August 6`h 1940 was focused more on the economic, moral and intellectual improvement of the social class in need of support, rather than providing subsidies to them. The renovated Cserna-type windmill in the town may be visited through prior arrangement (+36-63/366-597). The high-quality park on the grounds of the windmill is suitable for friendly get-togethers, family events and picnics.

The Puszta Church Ruins discovered on the outskirts of the town lead the interested visitor back into the history of the town.